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139 €
Children Summer: Sport Camp
5 days
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(0 reviews)
"Beautiful place with a homey atmosphere and amazing communication with horses."
137 €
Biking Weekend at the Devil's Passage
3 days
Veliko Selce, Croatia
(0 reviews)
"Ride through a narrow gorge, barely two meters wide, and among rocks."
35 €
Rakija Tasting and Sarajevo City Tour
3 hours
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
5.0 (1 review)
"We learned how to say 'cheers' in Bosnian! What a perfect ending to a wonderful day."
120 €
Fly Above Sarajevo
1 hours
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(0 reviews)
"Try and enjoy the different view you get over the city Sarajevo!"
11 €
Tito’s Bunker Tour
1 day
Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
4.8 (5 reviews)
"I took the tour as part of a huge Balkan Trip and it was one of the highlights."
15 €
Tunnel Tour
1 day
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
4.5 (2 reviews)
"War tunnel is a must."
45 €
Lukomir Highland Village Tour
1 day
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
3.8 (4 reviews)
"Amazing! This was such a great experience. One of my top ten travel experiences. "
30 €
Paintball in the Jungle
1 day
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
(0 reviews)
"Spend a day in nature with great entertainment, adrenaline and adventure."
60 €
Explore OHRID by SUP
3 hours
Ohrid, Macedonia (FYROM)
5.0 (1 review)
"One of the highlights of my life, Ohrid is gorgeous and It's nature Is mind-blowing."
850 €
Peaks of the Balkans with Arineta Mula
10 days
, Montenegro
4.7 (3 reviews)
"Ariana is dedicated to the promotion of nature and women’s engagement in the Balkans."
875 €
Breathtaking Adriatic to Bosnian Highlands Trek
8 days
Split, Croatia
(0 reviews)
"The hike itself was very nice, with a bit of steep parts and some flat one as well."
790 €
Central Albania Mountain Bike Journeys 2018
8 days
Tirana, Albania
(0 reviews)
"We climbed on a spectacular and nearly traffic-free asphalt road into the mountains. "
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