GRAB ethno village and camp
We are not only a team of highly experienced enthusiasts, but also highly trained professionals with fully licensed water-rafting and kayak instructors as well as hiking guides for all who seek a sense of adventure through a variety of day-long or overnight camping expeditions. We are first and foremost lovers and respecters of nature, having over ten years experience which we are keen to share our passion with visitors through our programmes of superbly organized outdoor activities ranging through for those who love healthy exercise and close-up appreciation of nature, its peacefulness and its wonders to those for the outright adrenalin ‘junkie’, all of which this part of Montenegro offers. You’ll find us at the heart of the Tara River canyon which, at 1300 metres, is the deepest in Europe and the second deepest in the world after the Grand Canyon. We are also no more than a few kilometers away from the Durmitor National Park which proudly boasts an unspoilt natural environment, retaining its authentic country-life character together with its traditional forms of hospitality

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