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Lasta Travel d.o.o. is a tour operator and destination management company established in 2010 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are the storytellers who guide you through the places where we live and love to spend our time. Anyone can show you surrounding cities or countries, but only we can artfully share with you our knowledge and experience (sometimes our feelings too) in combination with the historical legacy of this region. We are specialized in designing incoming tours (Group Travels, MICE, Excursions, Go Nature etc.) from countries like Sweden, Norway, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria, as well as outgoing tours (Travel Packages, MICE, Excursions etc.) The cores of our offer are tour packages to Southeast Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, etc.). Those travel packages combine history, culture, religion, tradition, cuisine, wine and interesting activities. With an intimate knowledge of these countries and their histories, our tour leaders turn every trip into a discovery experience. We also offer tailor-made tours to companies or groups with a special interest in specific segments of the Western Balkans (i.e. culture- medicinal plants, music or folklore). If you would like for us to work out a special program for groups of 6 to 40 persons, please let us know, and we will do our best to provide you with a tailor-made exhilarating experience. Do you want something different? Let us design a perfect weekend package for you! A gourmet and wine lovers weekend package, or one that connects you with the secrets of our culture, a charming blend of the Orient and the Mediterranean, or classic travel arrangements including the major cities such as Sarajevo, Zagreb and Belgrade, just to name a few. We also design a variety of outdoor and adventure packages in the exciting and authentic landscapes in the region. Our guides are professionals – certified mountain guides and members of the mountain rescue teams in Mostar and Trebinje. All of our tours can be done in English, German or Bosnian language. We are thoroughly committed to providing open, honest and responsible advice to help you make an informed decision on the travels we can arrange for you.

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