Ozren Kanceljak
I’m a Seenager, middle aged (mid fifties), grey experienced world traveler that likes to share passion for various cultures, heritages, modern life trends, music, art, politics, history and people with travelers that choose to visit my home town Zagreb and country of Croatia. I'm trained lawyer, but I've been throughout my whole life involved in various communication businesses. I've been journalist, radio host, TV producer, member of managements of various media companies. I've been in marketing and PR. I also won several international communication awards and served as a member of international juries. But most of all, I like to talk to people. All the time I passionately travelled around the country, Europe, America and Asia. Now, I'm a member of a Croatian jury for the annual recognition of best restaurants and at the same time I'm a founder of a FB beer fans group „I Love Beer“ that has more than 2000 members. I'm also a sailing skipper and experienced skier. By being a licensed it enables me to share stories of my multicultural country and home town to travelers looking for a joy of life wherever they are.

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