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My name is Dino Zelenika and I was born in Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1991. I spent the entire 1990s war in the Balkans, then emigrated with my mother and English stepfather to the United Kingdom in 1999. Plants have been a passion for me since I could walk and talk, and orchids have fascinated me ever since I saw a white Phalaenopsis for sale in my native Mostar at the age of 6! I have an undergraduate degree in history and am currently a Masters history student at the University of Bristol. An accredited British Orchid Council judge since 2013, contributor to The Orchid Review and speaker at the 21st World Orchid Conference in Johannesburg, I currently maintain a collection of over 300 orchids, mainly species. I have been researching wild orchids of Bosnia & Herzegovina since I was 18 years old, as well as its history and culture. From late 2014 I spent 6 months working in orchid conservation in Laos, significantly broadening my horizons. My other passions in life are good food and travel. I also speak Mandarin Chinese.

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