Maggie Cormack
If you knew me five years ago, you wouldn’t have predicted that I’d become a serious traveler, adventurously exploring life. But somehow, my decision to attend McGill University in Montreal, Canada, study International Development, and continuously relocate myself for jobs, studying abroad or just for fun has led me down a magical path all the way to where I am now, in Sarajevo. I write for Terra Dinarica, an NGO that created the Via Dinarica hiking trail and advocates for sustainable, eco-friendly economic and touristic development. Previously, I worked with United Nations Women Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’ve started exploring my love of nature, writing and photography on my travel blog, Backroad Balkans, where you can find my stories from throughout the Dinaric Alps of the Balkans. I mostly focus on the gorgeous country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose beauty never ceases to amaze and surprise me.


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