My (Future) Honeymoon in Croatia

My (Future) Honeymoon in Croatia

Author: Bridget Williamson
Aug 19. 2016.

So I’m not engaged, and don’t have any plans to be in the near future. But, while most girls dream about their wedding, I dream about my honeymoon. My honeymoon in Croatia, to be exact, involving a yacht, lots of food and many adventures. I’ve been daydreaming about lying back on a yacht with my new husband drinking cocktails and enjoying the amazing scenery around us.


I’m not sure how I got stuck on Croatia being my future honeymoon destination, but it’s been on my mind for a while…and it better happen. I’ve already told my possible future husband this, and he seems on board (excuse the pun). At the current rate though, we might just have to skip the wedding part, and jump straight to the honeymoon. I’m so excited about this trip that I don’t know if I can wait for marriage proposal first!

So what does this perfect Croatian honeymoon entail?


Island hopping on a yacht
One of the main reasons for Croatia being my choice of honeymoon destination is because of the island hopping opportunities. While island hopping on a yacht in Croatia is widely known for wild parties, there are cruises available offering a more quiet and romantic vibe. Think smaller yachts, less wild party-goers, and more luxury accommodation. And with 1,400 islands around Croatia, we are bound to find a secluded beach to sail to and explore, while enjoying some alone time. 

And when we’re not exploring the secluded islands, we can lie back on the yacht, while sipping on cocktails and feasting on delicious food. Our time sailing around the Croatian islands will be the perfect opportunity to relax and unwind, completely succumbing to the honeymoon vibes. And of course a chance to catch a great tan! 


City streets of Dubrovnik and Split
As most of the cruises start or finish either in Dubrovnik or Split, we’ll then spend a few days exploring the life of the city. I’d love to check out both cities, so the best plan would be to find a cruise that starts in one city and finishes in the other; then we can do a bit of city exploring before and after the cruise. 


Midnight walks through the old-town, side-walk lunches and indulging in the local culture, past and present. Both Dubrovnik and Split have so much to offer in terms of history, culture, sights and nature. We’ll have loads of things on our to-do list.


Exploring the smaller villages
After hitting the city streets, it’ll then be time to start exploring a bit more of what Croatia has to offer- going a bit ‘off-the-beaten-track’ as they say. We’ll head off to the peninsula of Istria, Croatia’s westernmost county, with the quaintest, centuries-old towns scattered in the hills and along the coast.

We’ll probably settle in one of the towns for a few days, I like the look of Motovun, using it as a base while hopping from town to town each day, enjoying the scenic drives through the hills. We’ll rent a car here so that we can set our own itinerary, and decide when and where we want to go. Hopefully the ‘lovey-dovey’ honeymoon feelings will keep all direction arguments at bay!


Some of the towns in the interior region of Istria (also known as Green Istria) which I’m excited to visit include Grožnjan, Bale, Labin and Motovun. Then, of course, there’s the seaside towns, and spectacular beaches.

Some of the seaside towns on the list include Kamenjak and Rovinj. I’ve read that Istria is one of the nudist beach capitals in the world…this might just add a bit of spice to the honeymoon!


We’ll feast daily on wine, olive oil and truffles, the three things I’ve heard the region being most famous for. A visit to one of the vineyards will be an absolute must.

There really is so much to see, explore and experience in Croatia. I know the above itinerary is barely scratching the surface. But we’ll keep our plans flexible, to make sure we can travel at our own pace and take in as much as possible in each destination that we visit. This won’t be a two week honeymoon that’s for sure, a month minimum!

An epic adventure in Croatia will be the perfect way to start off a marriage. Taking each day as it comes, and making decisions together on where to go and what to do. It’s so much better than a cookie-cutter travel package that someone else puts together. 

So Croatia, I’m coming for you. I’m not sure when it will be, but when I do, it will be amazing!


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