Balkanvibe Testimonials
Stories from our partners
Rui Pereira

"Incisive articles, a world of Tours, a great tool for anyone wanting to do tourism in the Balkans! :D"
Sanjin Hadžić

"Znači ostavit ću isti komentar! "The best thing that happened to Balkan tourism so far!", al fakat! Sretno!"
Olivia Plouf

"Reserved my rafting trip with Balkanvibe: it was perfect! excellent place, super service, everything made easy! I want to do more trips with them!!"
Kaja Brkic

"Dobra ideja! Balkan ima jako lijepih destinacija za odmor duse i tijela!"
Mateja Kregar Gliha

"A stay with a local- the best guarantee of a great time!"
Dirk Völkel

"Lots of info & offers from the Balkans, garnished with great photos. Makes you absolutely want to holiday there - see you in the summer :-)"